Poop-Diddy, Whoop-Scoop, Poop Poop


Millennials are flocking to our National Parks in droves and shitting them up. Literally. Too many pumpkin spice lattes on the trail, poor hygiene practices, and an all out lack of respect for anything other than themselves is to blame.

If you have to go number two in the woods take a cue from Kanye and Scoop De Poop.


Mystery at Devil’s Den

DevilsDenSelfie copy

Self Portrait at Devil’s Den lodge before it burnt in 2015. Breakfast after hiking the BHT. 

In August of 2017 a man mysteriously disappeared while hiking the Butterfield trail in Devil’s Den State Park. Rodney Letterman vanished without a trace leaving behind only his cell phone. SAR teams spent two weeks utilizing ATV, horses, and dogs yet found no trace of Mr. Letterman. More than 5,000 visitors to the park over Labor Day weekend were handed flyers and asked to keep an eye out. No sightings of the hiker were ever reported.

Reports vary on the circumstances leading to Rodney’s disappearance. It was reported he only had 1.5 liters of water with him, yet a photo of Rodney earlier that day shows him with a full pack throwing up the “el diablo” sign. It is worth noting he was also “33” years of age.

Rodney Letterman’s mysterious disappearance is not the first to occur at Devil’s Den. In 1946 eight year old Katherine Van Alst mysteriously disappeared for six days before being found alone in a cave 30 miles from where she was last seen, barefoot.


Rodney Letterman throwing up the “el diablo” satanic sign of the devil at Devil’s Den State Park before mysteriously vanishing without a trace in 2017.