El Paso

“The only thing good that’s ever come out of El Paso is Strippers and Tamales.” – b




Houston battles Sex Bots


The Mayor of Houston, Texas is trying everything he can to stop a robot sex brothel from opening in his city. Scheduled to open later this month $60 dollars buys you half an hour alone with a bot. Technically under current sex laws the establishment would not be considered a “brothel”. Only after they start charging $60 at the door and the bots request an additional $100 for services would it fall into that category.


Make Wal-Mart Great Again


The First Daughter spent some time at the Wal-Mart in Mesquite, Texas recently. Ivanka was all smiles as she donned a VR headset used for training employees, walked the isles, and posed for PR pics. With Trump’s recent tariffs on Chinese made goods we could see higher prices this Holiday season on damn near everything this corporate giant sells. Perhaps this is a sign of good faith between Wal-Mart and The POTUS going forward.